Sergio Lugaresi – Curriculum Vitae Sergio Lugaresi is currently

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Sergio Lugaresi – Curriculum Vitae
Sergio Lugaresi is currently project manager at the Italian Banking Association in Frankfurt and ad
interim Head of Office of the World Bank in Rome. He is also member of the Panel of Experts of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF). He has been Head of Regulatory Affairs at UniCredit S.p.A. and
Chief Economist in Capitalia and Banca di Roma. Previously he had worked as manager at the Italian
Statistical Office (ISTAT) and as economist at the IMF and at the Italian Institute for Economic
Planning (ISPE). He took his PhD at the University of Modena. He has published several articles and
papers on economic and monetary policy, fiscal policy, income redistribution. He was born in 1957,
is married and has three children.
Consulente dell’Associazione Bancaria Italiana e Responsabile dell’Ufficio della Banca Mondiale a
Roma. Membro del Panel of Experts del Fondo Monetario Internazionale (FMI). È stato Responsabile
di Regulatory Affairs in UniCredit e Chief Economist in Capitalia e Banca di Roma. Precedentemente
era stato direttore di ricerca all’Istituto di Statistica (ISTAT) e aveva lavorato all’FMI e all’Istituto per
la Programmazione Economica (ISPE). Ha conseguito il Dottorato di Ricerca in economia politica
all’Università di Bologna e la laurea in Economia all’Università di Modena.