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Giuseppe Chiesa
Voorterweg 144-F . 5611TS . Eindhoven (NL) . Phone : +31 6 81654751
Born: May 30, 1978 in Oristan, Italy
Email [email protected] web
I aspire to work as system administrator or software developer in telecommunication domain, supporting
leader companies of this field with my knowledge and ideas.
2009 - 2013 @ Sysadmin/Programmer Analyst for Bricofer Oristano (Or)
Position: Network/system administrator, engineer for communication systems,
programmer analyst & system integrator.
I'm working as system administrator and programmer analyst for integration between ERP systems
on this company specialized in DIY products in the Department Store field. I also working at new
web based ERP System developed following the requirements of company processes. I've acquired
a really strong knowledge in domain of management processes, either warehouse or accountancy
2004 – 2009 @ Freelancer for companies/agencies (Rm/Or/Ca)
Position: Freelance security expert, network/system administrator, engineer for
communication systems committed in various companies and agencies, working in the
cities of Roma, Oristano, Cagliari.
I offer services of security consultant various domains: telecommunications, network
infrastructures, and privacy safeguard. I plan, project and develop applications for Business on
Demand. I hold the role of supervisor during the making of network infrastructure, wired and
2003 – 2004 @ ET Software – GSI network (ROMA)
Position: Security expert consultant, ANSI C/C++ developer – Consultant to design and
develop new architecture in field of data storage.
Company specialised in software engineering and development in telecommunication field. This
company has bought out the know-how of SRD Isp in 2003. I've designed and coded libraries in
C/C++ languages aimed to acquisition, storage and analysis tasks of images in various formats.
I've developed other libraries in PHP language to integrate web-services with database archives.
I've hold the security expert role in collaboration with some investments bank, configuring and
testing wide area networks and virtual private networks by using most recently pen-tests.
2002 – 2003 @ SRD Isp (ROMA)
Position: ANSI C/C++ developer – Engineer and developer for web sites and web
services with language as HTML, PHP, SQL – Software architect, in collaboration with
Research & Development division to plan/develop software and simulators for
on-line-gaming platforms.
Internet service provider specialised in software engineering and development in
telecommunication field. First, I was involved in development of web service based on HTML +
PHP + JAVASCRIPT + SQL languages. After that, I've collaborated with R&D division and I've
planned and developed new game algorithms for gaming on line platforms.
1996 – 2002 @ Andrea Chiesa L. S.r.l. - Bricofer Point (ORISTANO)
Giuseppe Chiesa – Voorterweg 144-F – 5611TS Eindhoven (NL) - Phone: +31 6 81654751
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Giuseppe Chiesa
Voorterweg 144-F . 5611TS . Eindhoven (NL) . Phone : +31 6 81654751
Born: May 30, 1978 in Oristan, Italy
Email [email protected] web
Position: computer expert.
Company specialised in DYI domain, with thirty years of experience, located in Oristano. I've
worked as computer expert and I've acquired knowledge about the use of management software,
especially in administrative and warehouse fields.
In order to increase the warehouse organization, I've implemented some applications to manage
customer orders and to optimise backup processes of company's databases.
Education and training courses:
Graduated at senior high school Liceo Scientifico "Mariano IV " - ORISTANO, with
the score 50/60.
Training course in domain of communication with Doct. F. Perrone (Imprenditalia
Training course in domain of digital warehouse management by Bricofer S.p.a.
Network Administration and Software Development:
Advanced knowledge of Unix/Linux systems (especially Debian Gnu/Linux,
Ubuntu Linux, Darwin/Apple OSX)
Advanced knowledge of Ms Windows platforms (95, 98, 2000, XP, NT,
Advanced knowledge of system administration of Unix/Linux and Windows
Advanced knowledge of administration of Domain Name Server (Bind)
Advanced knowledge of administration of various Mail Server in Linux/Unix
Advanced knowledge of administration of Web Server Apache/NGINX
Advanced knowledge of configuration, administration and optimisation of HPC
Cluster Systems based on OpenMosix technology.
Advanced knowledge of configuration and administration of VPN networks.
Ability to development efficient solutions for security data storage.
Advanced knowledge of penetration tests in LAN/WAN/Wireless/VPN
Advanced knowledge in development of applications in C/C++ on
Unix/Linux/Windows systems and cross-platform development with GTK+,
especially PHP+GTK.
Knowledge of various programming languages: C++, Ansi C, Java, PHP, Perl,
Tcl/tk, Asm, Visual Basic, SQL.
Advanced knowledge of reverse engineering techniques in Intel/Mips/PowerPc
Advanced knowledge in development of cross-platform web applications
complaints with w3 standards.
Giuseppe Chiesa – Voorterweg 144-F – 5611TS Eindhoven (NL) - Phone: +31 6 81654751
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Giuseppe Chiesa
Voorterweg 144-F . 5611TS . Eindhoven (NL) . Phone : +31 6 81654751
Born: May 30, 1978 in Oristan, Italy
Email [email protected] web
Web-mastering domain:
Advanced knowledge of WWW standards and web languages: HTML, DHTML,
XML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ajax
Advanced experience in field of design & development of E-Commerce sites,
Intranet web Applications
Advanced knowledge of database engines (SQL, Sqlite, MySql, Postgresql,
Experienced in integration of applications with database engines
When I'm not working...
Knowledge in domain of user-experience/graphic/design
Play Music: I'm a musician, I play piano and I love jazz music. I studied at Saint
Louis Music School, an Italian jazz academy in Rome.
Photography: I like to capture all curious things in this world.
Cats: simply, I like them. I'm a “Cat Person”.
BLENC is a simple but reliable php source code protection.
It's implements transparent encryption and execution of PHP scripts using the
blowfish algorithm. It is not designed for complete security (it is still possible to
disassemble the script into op codes using a package such as XDebug), however it
does keep people out of your code and make reverse engineering difficult.
f734drv is a driver for the barcode laser scanner FORMULA F734E manufactured
by Datalogic. This driver was projected and developed by me, while migrating
systems of Bricofer Fai da Te Oristano to opensource architecture (Bricofer Fai da
Te Oristano is the first italian company totally based on opensource software in
Bricofer network). Datalogic don't release drivers for Unix/Linux system of this
barcode reader, so I've planned and developed a cross-platform driver and I've
released it with GNU GPL license. Currently, various companies uses f734drv
sp2htm is a software with client/server architecture aimed to remote printing of
different type of documents generated by Erp SPIGAX Unix. It supports also
upload of documents on public web-server and It
can send
documents/invoice/reports by mail to customer. Sp2HTML use a template
Giuseppe Chiesa – Voorterweg 144-F – 5611TS Eindhoven (NL) - Phone: +31 6 81654751
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Giuseppe Chiesa
Voorterweg 144-F . 5611TS . Eindhoven (NL) . Phone : +31 6 81654751
Born: May 30, 1978 in Oristan, Italy
Email [email protected] web
technology based on HTML language in order to generate HTML/PDF layouts.
mfcobol is a module for PHP5 (PECL compliant) that permits the access on
database archives in MicroFocus RM/Cobol format. This format is pretty old but
very used by companies in production environments. This extension give
capabilities to do search queries on database files. Currently, some companies
uses this driver/extension in order to integrate old ERP platforms with most
recently technologies. Mfcobol is written in ANSI C in order to get very high
performances and portability. This work is based on reverse engineering studies
on database archives because MicroFocus does not release technical
documentation about his data structures.
Some web-sites that I've developer:
Portfolio Web
Spigax-web is a wep application that brings the stability and reliability of
Unix/Linux on the web. From any device (desktop computer, PDA, tablet,
smartphone) you can manage your retail store with the power of Unix/Linux
Systems and the portability and innovation of web-app.
• (domain was closed)
this website is a Content Management System with advanced management of
user-levels (in order to permit secure and hierarchical editing of contents). The
engine is written in PHP + MySQL and Ajax technology. I've developed also an API
library to integrate PhpBB (version 2 and 3) forum with main engine of this
This is the website of our team of research & development of new technologies,
founded by me and other computer experts in various domains of TLC.
website of Andrea Chiesa L. S.r.l. in Oristano, developed in PHP + MySQL with
administration-side modules in order to have a dynamic management of contents.
All websites above are in hosting in servers managed by me. These servers are based on
Debian GNU/Linux in HPC cluster configuration. There are also other service working,
ie. ssh, smtp, pop3/imap service, dns service and more. The user accounts are
protected with chroot jail shells.
Consortium Garr –
- Certification released by Consortium Garr : ability to System Aministrator Job
(JOB-07-SYS) obtained in April/03/2008
Giuseppe Chiesa – Voorterweg 144-F – 5611TS Eindhoven (NL) - Phone: +31 6 81654751
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