curriculum vitae

annuncio pubblicitario
Personal Data
Mazza Riccardo
Birth date and place:
October 5th, 1969, Randazzo (CT) - Italy
Home Address: (Switzerland):
Via Gerso, 2B
6900 Lugano – TI
Tel.: ++41 - 91 - 9235562
Visa type: B (annual)
Home Address: (Italy): Via Fermi, 2
20090 Cesano Boscone (MI)
++39 - (0)347 - 4191809
[email protected]
Marital Status:
Married with Beatrice Biondo since sept.1997
Since oct. 99 Ph.D. student at Università della Svizzera Italiana, faculty of
communication sciences, Lugano (Switzerland); subject of the
research: “Adaptive and Intelligent Technologies for Web-based
education”. Supervisor of the research work: Prof. Marco
Master degree in Information Technology achieved at CEFRIEL
Consortium of Politecnico of Milan in the Advanced Information
System Application Area (AISA). Courses attended: Database
Systems, Software Engineering, Multimedia Information
Systems. Final mark: 100/100. Research works during the Master
- Development of a multimedia database to be used in a medical
tele-consultation system.
- Project and development of a multimodal user interface
enabling to recognise static hand gesture grabbed from a
common camera.
University Degree in Computer Science achieved at the
University of Pisa. Thesis title: A system enabling hand gesture
recognition. Final mark: 103/110.
High School degree achieved at Liceo Scientifico “Leonardo” in
Giarre (CT).
Technical Skills
Operating systems:
Dos, Unix (SunOS, Solaris, Linux), Windows
Programming languages:
C, Pascal, Perl 5, PHP, Java 1.2, SQL
MySQL, Hughes Tecnology MiniSQL,
ORACLE v.8, Oracle Designer, Oracle
Developer, Oracle WebDB, pro*C, SQL*Net
SUN Environment:
RPC, XIL graphics libraries.
Foreign Languages
English: - Reading & Writing ability: good
- Conversation: good
Job Experiences
February 1997 - July 1997
Part time jobs as freelance Internet/Intranet
consultant, developing CGI (Common
Gateway Interface) applications for the Web.
January 1997 – July 1999
Researcher at Centro CEFRIEL of Milano in
the AISA research area, with activities in the
following fields: developing applications for
the Web and PUSH Technologies.
Since November 1997
Università della Svizzera Italiana di Lugano
(Svizzera), researcher and technical developer.
Since September 1999
Università della Svizzera Italiana di Lugano,
faculty of Communication Sciences, teaching
assistant for the course "Complementi di
Informatica". Head of the course prof. Marco
Since September 1999
Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera
italiana (SUPSI) – Manno (Switzerland),
department of informatics and electronics,
scientific collaborator and teacher of the course
"Esercitazioni di Informatica".
Some of jobs done:
as freelance consultant:
 RINA (Registro Navale Italiano): realization of a corporate Web site with some
peculiarity of security, integration with databases and multilevel user profiling
 RAI (Registro Aeronautico Italiano): assistant consultant for projecting and
layout’s designing of the Web site (
at Centro CEFRIEL of Milano:
 Project “ORCHESTRA” funded by Telecom Italia, technical consultant for
implementing functionalities of Computer & Telephone Integration.
 Tutor for a student at the master course in information tehnology.
at Università della Svizzera italiana:
 Technical responsible for the Swisscast project, founded by the Swiss National
Research Found ( Head of the project: prof. Murizio
 Projecting and implementing of the database and Web site gateway of the
catalogue of the research institutes and high education institutes of Tessin.
at Scuola Universitaria della Svizzera italiana:
 Project coordinator for implementing the database of post-graduate courses of
 Collaborator for the project “MACS: continuous education modules”, funded by
the Swiss University Conference for the national programme “Swiss Virtual
Technical Reports
Riccardo Mazza: Integrazione di una base dati per l’archiviazione e il reperimento di
dati in MIMA, Rapporto intermedio Master Cefriel, Febbraio 1996
Riccardo Mazza: Un sistema per il riconoscimento di comandi gestuali realizzato
mediante tecniche di visione, Tesi di Master, Centro Cefriel, Luglio 1996
Riccardo Mazza: Un sistema per il riconoscimento di comandi Gestuali, Tesi di
Laurea, Università degli studi di Pisa, Febbraio 1997
Cantoni L. Dal Degan N. Lepori B. Mazza R. Scaroni F.: Push on the Net: between
Market & Technology, Progetto SwissCast, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Giugno
L. Cantoni, P. Jannuzzi, B. Lepori, R. Mazza, Delivering Relevant Information to
Interested Users, philosopy, system architecture & technical realisation of the
SwissCast push service, Rapporto scientifico, Università della Svizzera Italiana,
Maggio 1999.
B. Lepori, L. Cantoni, P. Jannuzzi, R. Mazza, S. Tardini, L’applicazione Swisscast nel
campo della ricerca scientifica, Rapporto scientifico, Università della Svizzera
Italiana, Aprile 2000
Maurizio Decina, Lorenzo Cantoni, Benedetto Lepori, Riccardo Mazza, Paolo
Jannuzzi. The SwissCast information push service, a multidisciplinary research, a
multifaceted experience. ACM SIGIR'99 Workshop on Customised Information
Delivery, August 19, 1999 - Berkeley, California
Riccardo Mazza, Object Oriented Perl. Published on web site "",
August 2000.
Federico Flueckiger, Riccardo Mazza, Open Distance Learning at Southern
Switzerland Universities EUNIS 2001 - European University Information Systems
Conference, Berlin March 2001.
Benedetto Lepori, Lorenzo Cantoni, Riccardo Mazza, The history and practice of push
communication: some critical reflections, to be published in Studies in
Communication Sciences, june 2001.
May 1998, 1st Silicon-Cray Award supported by Silicon Graphics Italia & Cray
Research, special mention for the work with title: "Un sistema per il riconoscimento di
comandi gestuali".
Working groups in non-profit organizations
Since September 1998 founding member of the group XML Italia.
In 1997 member of the Italian association “Lavoro & tecnologia”, with activities in
Telework promotion in Italy.
Most interesting subjects are distributed systems, database, computer networking,
Internet/Intranet application, adaptive systems for the web and distance learning.