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TJ-2400 UV Mounting Device

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Trojan (Suzhou) Material Technology Co., Ltd.
TJ-2400 UV Mounting Device
Product Description
The TJ2400 is a modern device for the light-curing-based
mounting of materialographic samples.The samples are
placed in the device which is equipped with customized,
powerful LED technology. The UV transparent mounting
moulds are filled with the UV curing resin.The transparent
sample can be removed within a very short time frame. A
suction unit from the Torjan portfolio can be connected to the
device to increase work safety.
(1) UV mounting in the shortest possible time (60 seconds);
(2) Highly efficient, long-life LED technology;
(3) Robust machine design;
(4) Easy handling;
(5) Connectable suction unit (optional);
Cut Off Wheels
Product Description
Cutting is the first step in a complete material analysis, the
selection of cutting machine and blades must match geometry
and material properties of sample. TROJAN cutting products
make the cutting process simple, fast and accurate.
TROJAN cutting blades and consumables have a unique
formula and process, it can be fully cooled and reduce thermal
TROJAN Cut off wheel adopts unique manufacturing
technology. It can be fully cooling up and reduce thermal
damage of the samples. Furthermore, the surface of the
product can also eliminate the accumulation of debris during
the cutting process and the convenient cleaning method can
keep the worktable and the cutting chamber also clean.