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Write down your opinion about
the following topics
 What can we do in our daily routine " to save the earth "?
I believe that there are a few things that we can individually do on the daily to
help preserve our planet, for example we could shop more wisely, recylce and
contain water waste.
2. What can we do to help the environment ?
Other than doing our small part there is not much that we can do, especially when
considered that also if we hypothetically do our best there will always be some
big company not caring about the policies nor the planet.
3. Do you often do little things for the environment in your everyday life? Such as
: to turn off lights - computers - printers - televisions - stereo equipment battery - charges and all other gadgets or appliances ….. in other words ,
everything that uses electricity even when it's not in use
Yes, I'm actually quite careful at not wasting electricity, not only for Earth but
also for the electric bill and also considering the fact that forgetting devices
plugged in could actually damage them permanently.
4. What about food? Some say that going vegetarian can help ... Should we eat
less meat and more vegetables and fruit ?
As much as I respect the noble cause of Vegans many dietologists claim that in
such a diet it is very easy to miss protein and that a few amminoacids are
actually absent in their diet. For this reason I think that if we're talking about
special diets the "Pescaterians", who eat fish, fruits and vegetables, are better off.
At the same time especailly if we are talking about meat the intensive productions
are a threat to the enviroment as all those animals pierce the Ozone.
5. Is it better to print as little as possible and recycle paper to save millions of
trees every year?
More than that I believe that we should stop cutting trees in tropical and
amazonical zone as it really hurts our planet and we should start planting new
Write down your opinion about the following topics
ones. Forunately we can help achieve this goal, for free, by using the Google
Chrome Extension Ecosia.
6. Will you express your opinion about water and its precious value on earth,
water and energy consumption, buying clothes - shoes - even bikes and roller
blades from a second - hand store or donating your own belongings to some
charitable organisations ?
Renewable energy certianly is the next advancement in the technological field
and a few countries such as Germany and Sweden set the goal of relying over
these 10 years from now. Also buying second hand helps by at the same time
cutting the price down and if something doesn't fit me anymore I donate it to
charity because it also gives a hand to another.
Write down your opinion about the following topics