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The Miroglio Group’s new charity initiative in partnership with Humana People to People in
all Motivi, Oltre, Fiorella Rubino, Elena Mirò and Caractère stores.
The Miroglio Group launches “Abiti nel Cuore”, its new charity initiative that involves Motivi,
Oltre, Fiorella Rubino, Elena Mirò and Caractère stores throughout May 2014.
With the “Abiti nel Cuore” scheme, you can take your used items of clothing to one of the
participating stores (there are over 800 of them) and we’ll donate them to women in Italy who are
greatly in need. The Miroglio Group invites customers to take part in the scheme by launching a
communication campaign on the radio and internet and in stores. The message is simple: an item
of clothing is important not just for what it looks like but also for the memory it provides of
moments from our life; however it can also represent a dream for those who are in difficulty and
so become their own “cherished piece” (“Abito nel Cuore”).
When you donate an item you can also send us a photo and tell us the story behind it on our
website and those who donate will get a 10% discount to buy
something new.
Humana People to People will be in charge of delivering the clothes to women in need in all
major towns and cities across Italy. This number has rocketed in recent years due to the
recession and it is women particularly who have been affected, often single mothers, migrants or
those without a support network to fall back on.
The Miroglio Group and Humana People to People also worked together in 2010 when Elena
Mirò organised a used clothing collection scheme. This was the first example of a used clothing
collection in Italy and other brands and companies then followed our lead. With this important
new scheme the company wants to continue with an initiative that it strongly believed in before all
others and that reflects the group’s own values.
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