Ferrarelle inaugurates its partnership with Nazionale

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Ferrarelle inaugurates its partnership with Nazionale Italiana Cantanti,
taking the field for the Partita del Cuore charity match
Turin, May 11, 2015 – Ferrarelle is the official water of Nazionale Italiana Cantanti, the Italian
Singers National Football Team, and will inaugurate its partnership with the team for the Partita
del Cuore charity match next June against the Campioni per la Ricerca team at the Juventus
Stadium in Turin. Proceeds from the match will be donated to Fondazione Telethon and
Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro-Onlus.
Through its sponsorship of the Nazionale Italiana Cantanti team, Ferrarelle expands its
Corporate Social Responsibility activities to include the sports world with a prestigious new
partner that has been playing charity football games since 1981. It is even prouder to support
the values of fitness, honesty, fair play that this team incarnates.
Ferrarelle mineral water is particularly indicated for sports activities due to its rich content of
mineral salts that are useful for the body's wellbeing. Calcium is good for keeping bones
healthy, potassium is beneficial for blood circulation, silica keeps connective tissue supple, and
magnesium and bicarbonate are useful for eliminating lactic acid produced in muscles during
physical activity. Drinking Ferrarelle also rapidly reintegrates mineral salts lost through
The Partita del Cuore charity match, when the Ferrarelle logo will make its debut on the jerseys
of the Nazionale Italiana Cantanti team, is an opportunity for the brand to renew its commitment
to Fondazione Telethon, with which it established solid ties and shared values in 2011, that
includes sponsorship of various charity events to support research studying rare genetic
Ferrarelle S.p.A.
Ferrarelle S.p.A. is the fourth largest Italian group in the mineral water sector that owns the Ferrarelle, Vitasnella, Fonte
Essenziale, Boario, Natia and Santagata brands. It is also the exclusive distributor in Italy of Evian mineral water. The company is
also expanding abroad and is distributed in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Australia, New
Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
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