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Cristina Papa is Professor of Economic anthropology at the Department of Philosophy, Social
Sciences, Humanities and Education of the University of Perugia.
She is President of the Italian Association of Academic Cultural Anthropologists (ANUAC) and
coordinates the interdisciplinary Ph.D.-Program in Human Sciences and the Master’s degree in
Socioanthropological Sciences for Integration and Social Security. Her research interests include
the environment, peasant cultures, gender and kinship, as well as the study of entrepreneurial
relations and economic domains. Among her publications, Dove sono molte braccia è molto pane
(Editoriale Umbra 1985), Antropologia dell’impresa (Guerini 1999). She edited Letture di paesaggi
(Guerini 2012), and with Adriano Favole Italie. trouble dans la famille (Ethnologie française
2/2016). Her email is [email protected]
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