Present simple/continuous vs going to

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Present simple/continuous vs going to
**1 Sottolinea l’alternativa corretta.
1 We get / are getting / are going to get the train this
2 The timetable says the train leaves / is leaving / is
going to leave at 8 o’clock.
3 The weather forecast said it rains / is raining / is
going to rain this afternoon.
4 We visit / are visiting / are going to visit London
one day in the future.
5 Hurry up, the lesson starts / is starting / is going to
start at 9 o’clock as usual.
6 These jeans are dirty, I wash / am washing / am
going to wash them.
**2 Completa il dialogo con la forma corretta
(Present continuous o going to) dei verbi tra
Sarah Hello Leila, what are you doing?
Leila We’re cleaning everything because we 0 are
moving (move) house tomorrow.
The removal men 1___________ (arrive) at 8
o’clock tomorrow morning.
____________ (you / move) everything
You’ve got a lot of things!
Leila We 3_____________ (take) as many things as
possible and then we
_________ (put) the rest of the things in the
garage if we can. The new people 5____________
(come) in on Monday morning, so we are
___________ (not leave) anything in the house.
Sarah ______________ (you / do) anything tomorrow?
Leila Err yes, I 8____________ (ski) with Samuel, I
arranged it last week. The pistes 9____________
(open) at 8.00 a.m. so we 10_____________
(leave) early. Sorry!
**3 Completa i mini-dialoghi con un verbo
appropriato alla forma corretta (Present simple,
Present continuous o going to).
1 A What time __________ the maths lesson
B The timetable says it ___________ at 10.30,
immediately after the French lesson.
2 A What time are you ____________ lunch today?
B At 12, but I only _______ half an hour because I
_______ home early this evening.
3 A What _______ you __________ when you finish
school next year?
B I ______________ as a secretary in a big company.
What about you?
A I _____________________ , I think I
_______________ to university instead.
**4 Traduci.
1 Sabato prossimo io e Betty giochiamo a calcio con la
nostra squadra alle 3.
2 Che cosa fai venerdì sera? Esci con Kate o vieni in
discoteca con noi?
3 Vado a Londra domani. L’aereo parte alle 14.
4 Stasera cucino io per la famiglia. Ho tutti gli
5 Mi trovo con Valeria dopo il corso di pittura.