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Xianju Junyang Household Products Co., Ltd

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Xianju Junyang Household Products Co., Ltd.
Folding Mirror Vanity Makeup Table Manufacturers, Factory
About us
Xianju Junyang Household Products Co., Ltd. is a famous China folding
mirror vanity makeup tables dressing manufacturers and folding mirror
vanity table factory. We specialize in manufacturing casual furniture
such as folding mirror vanity table, mirror dressing tables, foldable
dressing tables, bedside tables, fashion tables and chairs...
Unique craft
Our workers are professional craftmen who work on both engraving and
craftsmanship to provide move distinctive products.
China Coffee Table manufacturers have a dedicated quality inspection and
quality control team,online after the full inspection and packaging, to
ensure product quality
It combines the safety ,confort,and beauty of the folding mirror vanity
makeup tables, so that your choice has no worries.
Company Profile
Xianju Junyang Household Products Co., Ltd. is located in Xianju County,
Zhejiang Province. It is a modern production model that mainly produces
folding mirror vanity table, mirror dressing tables, foldable dressing
tables, bedside tables, fashion tables and chairs, and integrates design,
research and development, production and sales. Under the strict
management of the enterprise, the company strictly controls every link
of product production and lays a reliable and stable quality.
Our Dressing Table Stool manufacturers adheres to the corporate tenet
of "based on furniture culture, facing the whole society, producing
quality products and providing quality service". Fully embody the fashion
elements of leisure, ergonomic principles, actively introduce advanced
production equipment and technology, select high-quality materials, use
unique design, exquisite and meticulous production process, constantly
introduce new products, make products better, and with reasonable
meticulous and perfect after-sales service, truly achieve high quality
and low price, and established a good reputation in the broad customer
Today, with the rapid development of the market economy, we will continue
to adhere to the company's advanced design concept, can be customized
with professional development and innovation capabilities, integrity and
credibility, to provide quality products and services for new and old
customers and achieve the good wishes of Junyang Home "quality products
beautify the society"!
Contact Us
Xianju Junyang Household Products Co., Ltd.
No.395, Xiuzhai Village, Fuying Street, Xianju County,Taizhou
City,Zhejiang Province,China
[email protected]
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