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Analisi The Story of the Door

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Analisi The Story of the Door
Mr Utterson is a quiet and respectable lawyer. He appears slim, high and gloomy. He is cold, silent,
introvert, austere with himself and embarrassed in discourse. He the distant relative of Richard
Enfield, the well-known man about the town. Their relationship was very particular because they
used to do Sunday walks, in which they didn't talk to each other, looked singularly dull, but these
excursions represents the most important moment of the week. So Mr Utterson and Richard
Enfield apparently didn’t seem related, but they care each other a lot.
One day they are out for their usual Sunday walk, when their way led them down by a street in a
particular quarter of London, where they saw a weird building. It was two storeys high with a blind
forehead of discoloured wall, it showed no window, but only a strange old and blistered door that
reminds Enfield of an odd story.
Enfield says that at about 3 o'clock on a black winter morning, he was coming back home feeling a
vague sense of discomfort because the street was deserted. Suddenly, he saw two figures, a little
man and a young girl, maybe 10. The two ran into one another at the coronet of the street, and
the man steps heavily on the child's body leaving her screaming on the ground. Then Enfield tells
Utterson that he run towards the man, caught him and brought him back to the screaming girl. But
in spite of that, the man was strangely calm and cold and Enfield was covered in sweat for fear.
The girl’s own family came to help her with the doctor. Enfield had taken loathing to the man, but
the curious circumstance was that the ‘Sawbones’, every time he looked the man, turn sick and
white with the desire to kill him.
This extract represents the beginning of the novel The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,
written by Robert Louis Stephenson. In the beginning of the test there is a physical and
psychological description of Mr Utterson and his relationship between Richard Enfield. Then there
is a representation of a street in London, where the inhabitants were extremely interested of
keeping up appearances. And a description of a house with a strange door, so it is possible to
notice directly the setting of the novel. In the final part of the extract there is story told by Enfield
to Mr. Utterson and the reader too. In this story there is the introduction of Mr Hyde and is
described a hellish episode that we could analyse the unnatural characteristic of the man that
trampled over the child. This episode arouses in the reader feelings related to fear and darkness,
but also makes the story more gripping and creates curiosity. The author used a third-person
narrator, who tells most of the story. Moreover, the scene was described with a lot of details and
the characters talk to each other with a dialogue.