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Understanding the Meaning and Methodology of Econometrics

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The econometrics is defined as the quantitative application of statistical
methods, economic theory, and mathematics for understanding and analysing
the economic phenomena.
The econometrics utilizes the standard statistical models to analyse and study the
questions related to economics. This field of econometrics has developed various
methodologies for identifying and evaluating the various economic theories and
Experimental economics: In the past few years the econometricians are heavily
dependent upon the experiments to evaluate the various theories. This
experimental method is used for contradictory results of observational studies.
Data: Another important methodology used for econometric analysis is data sets.
This is further characterized into these forms:
• Cross-Sectional Data
• Time-Series Data
• Panel Data
• Multidimensional Panel Data
Computation methods: This methodology of econometrics is used for effective
decision making. For this method, there is a need for accurate software data and
numerical efficiency.
The econometric methodology: It is important to collect and analyse the data in a
straightforward way. Then, the next step is concerned with specifying hypotheses
which explain the nature and structure of the data. The econometrics works
perfectly with all kind of statistical models. It also enables you to study various
things related to economics. The analysis of econometrics is similar to the design
of the studies in other disciplines.
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