PRIMA DEL TEATRO European School for the Art of the

annuncio pubblicitario
European School for the Art of the Actor – 28th edition
San Miniato (Pisa)
26 June / 7 September 2012
Teatro di Pisa
Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica “S. d’Amico”
in collaboration with
Municipality of San Miniato
Foundation Istituto Dramma Popolare
with the support of
Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali
GSMD - Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London
ITB - Institut del Teatre, Barcelona
UDK - Universität der Künste, Berlin
STS - Statens Teater Skole, Copenhagen
Accademia dei Filodrammatici, Milano
ENSATT - Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre, Lyon
RESAD - Real Escuela de Arte Dramatico, Madrid
ACT - American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco
Centro Internazionale “La Cometa”, Roma
Accademia Teatrale Veneta, Venice
TNS - Ecole du Theatre National de Strasbourg
A. Human Conflict in Ugo Chiti’s plays
teacher: Ugo Chiti (director, playwright)
assistant: Cristina Lazzari (acting and movement teacher, Teatro di Pisa)
period: 26 June – 10 July
B. Study on a play from the American tradition
teachers: Massimiliano Farau (ANAD. Director, acting
Francisco, voice and speech coach)
period: 26 June – 12 July
C. NOF4 a spaceship commander from Volterra’s asylum to theatre
(workshop for actors and playwrights)
teachers: Francesco Niccolini (playwright, director), Lorenzo Mucci (director, Teatro di Pisa)
period: 28 June – 10 July
Some participants could be selected for the production that will result from this workshop
D. Writing for the future – second session: the problematic liaison between theatre and
(workshop for actors, directors and playwrights)
teachers: Franco Farina (playwright, director, Theatre of Pisa), Alessandro Fambrini (novelist,
University of Trento)
period: July 16 – July 25
E. Study on the comic in Chekhov
teachers: Nikolaj Karpov, Maria Shmaevich (Moscow GITIS)
period: 14 - 30 July
F. “Theatre or dance: the ways abstract movement can communicate a concrete message”
(temporary title)
Subjects: a theatrical technique that help to develop a poetical movement, always focusing on the theatrical idea of
“interpretation”; a dance technique that help to discover the possibilities of movement and abstract thinking;
dramaturgical tools that help to analyse the making up of meaning with movement and text in spaces in spaces.
teachers: Roberto Romei (director, ITB Barcelona), Monica Vannucchi (ANAD Rome), Roberto
Fratini (dramaturg of dance)
period: 14 - 30 July
G. “Chekhov off-frame” (temporary title)
All that is before or after or under, what we prepare “what prepares me” that I won’t necessarily show but give to
teachers: Marc Proulx (Ecole du TNS, Starsbourg); Danny McGrath (GSMD, London)
period: 14 - 30 July
H. Improvisation and scenarios. A workshop on commedia dell’arte
teachers: Enrico Bonavera (actor, acting teacher, Arlecchino and Brighella, Piccolo Teatro, Milan)
period: 14 - 30 July
Workshop on “male/female relationships in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanja and The Seagull”
teachers: Christian Burgess (director, acting teacher, GSMD London), Julie Brochen (director,
acting teacher, Ecole du TNS)
period: 14 - 30 July
M. Theatre in the agorà: texts for a new street theatre in the 21st century
Teacher: José Sanchis Sinisterra (playwright, director, Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo, Madrid)
Period: 4 – 10 July
N. The actor’s flower. Introductory acting workshop.
teacher: Valeria Benedetti Michelangeli (voice coach, “La Cometa” Rome and “Centro di
Cinematografia” Rome) Luca Biagiotti (Teatro di Pisa)
period: 26 June – 10 July
O. Auditions: preparatory workshop for auditions to Drama Schools
teacher: Cristina Lazzari (Theatre of Pisa)
Periodo: 18 - 22 June; 3 – 7 September
• Events
“Phaedra” (performed based on Racine’s Phaedra and Euripides’ Hippolytus).
Cast: Oxana Vernova
Direction: Maria Shmaevich
Dates to be defined - July
“Variazioni Frankenstein”
Cast: Paolo Giommarelli, Luigi Ragoni, Elisa Proietti, Sabrina Ianniello.
Author: Francesco Niccolini
Direction: Lorenzo Mucci
Dates to be defined - July
A part of the admissions in the workshops, where there are students from the School-partners, is reserved for
students, actors, directors, playwrights, pedagogues, dancers, scholars, young people interested to increase
their knowledge of theatre. Minimum age required: 18 years.
Preference qualifications will be considered: degree issued by an accredited and at least biennial school in
the actor’s home country; previous experiences of a professional kind, properly documented.
The applications must be sent by Monday, June 11th 2012 to the:
Teatro di Pisa – Prima del Teatro
via mail Via Palestro 40 - 56127 PISA (Italy)
via fax + 39 50 941107 or 50 941198
via e-mail [email protected]
The applicant may enclose, together with the aforesaid documents, all the supplementary elements that can
facilitate the admission judgement. The applicants should list their preferences regarding the different
workshops they would like to be selected for. The final decision regarding the admission to the
workshops is given by the board of examiners, even in the event of variations in the programme by force of
circumstances beyond our control. The applications that should be received after the aforesaid date will be
accepted only in the event of vacant positions. The board of examiners, composed of specialists appointed
by Teatro di Pisa, reserves the right to convene the applicants to Pisa for an audition in order to ascertain
their qualifications.
The students admitted will pay for the participation fee:
- € 500,00 for workshops E. - F. - G. - H. - I
- € 400,00 for workshops B
- € 350,00 for workshops A – C – L - M
- € 250,00 for workshops D – N
the costs of the journey; the costs of the accomodation (special established rate).
The students admitted will have to present a health certificate.
Name and surname ....., place of birth ..... date of birth ..... address (town and postal code) .... telephone......
e-mail address ..... makes request of admission to “Prima del Teatro – European Drama School”, 2011
session, workshops chosen (order of preference): …..
[Not compulsory: I declare: To attend the/I graduated at (write the name of the drama school) .....; I speak
the following language/s: .....]
I hereby enclose my curriculum vitae and all the documents attesting my professional training and
I hereby authorize the processing of my personal data according to the Italian Law 196/2003.
• Signature
• Date
• Address where the applicant can be contacted
[email protected]
[email protected]
Teatro di Pisa tel + 39 50 941131 – 941181 – 941187