Programma effettivamente svolto di lingua e

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LICEO SCIENTIFICO “CARLO CATTANEO” TORINO Anno scolastico 2012-2013 classe 4N
Insegnante: Tosoratti Fulvia
Classe 4N
Programma effettivamente svolto di lingua e letteratura inglese
1. dalla grammatica di riferimento: “Enterprise Grammar 4”:
unit 5
the passive (personal / impersonal), causative form
unit 6
unit 7
unit 11
asking for / refusing permission…
unit 12
comparative and superlative forms…
2. dal testo “First Masterclass” (student’s book and workbook):
esercizi di preparazione a tutte le parti del FCE Use of English
esercizi di preparazione al FCE reading paper, writing (review, essay, e listening
(tutte le parti)
esercizi di lessico (near misses, confusing words, word formation…)
3. dal testo in adozione “Only Connect: New Directions” – from the Origins to the
Eighteenth Century” (vol. 1)
Module 2: The Middle Ages
the Medieval ballad; the ballad and social criticism
Medieval drama (+ notes); Everyman
Module 3: The Renaissance
Historical and social context: the Tudors and the Stuarts (+notes)
The World Picture: microcosm and macrocosm
The Literary context: new learning (+notes); the sonnet;
Elizabethan sonneteers; Wyatt and Petrarch; William Shakespeare: life and
works (as a poet), text analysis of sonnets “Shall I compare thee” and “My mistress’ eyes”;
The development of drama (+ notes), the world of theatre
Christopher Marlowe: life and works; file created by the teacher and sent to the
students: Doctor Faustus: plot; themes: sin, redemption, damnation; the conflict
between Medieval and Renaissance values; power as corrupting influence; the
divided nature of man
LICEO SCIENTIFICO “CARLO CATTANEO” TORINO Anno scolastico 2012-2013 classe 4N
Shakespeare the dramatist; Shakespeare’s plays
Hamlet: the plot, features of the play; text analysis of “Hamlet meets the ghost”
(act I scene V); text analysis of “To be or not to be” (act III, scene i);
APPROFONDIMENTO: Jude Law as Hamlet (video interview), Mel Gibson’s and
Kenneth Brannagh’s “To be or not to be” (video extract); discussion
Macbeth: plot and themes, text analysis of “The Three Witches” (act I, scene i);
text analysis of ”Duncan’s murder” (act II, scene ii); text analysis of “a tale told
by an idiot” (act V, scene v); the idea of sleep in the texts read from “Hamlet”
and “Macbeth”
Metaphysical poetry (main info), John Donne’s “A Valediction: Forbidding
Mourning”: text analysis and commentary
Module 4: The Puritan Age
Historical and social context: The Civil War and Commonwealth (main info)
The World Picture: The Puritan Mind
Module 5: The Restoration
Historical and social context: the restoration of the monarchy and the glorious
revolution (main info)
The World Picture: Natural Philosophy; the Royal Society
Module 6: The Augustan Age
Historical and social context: The early Hanoverians (main info)
The Literary Context: journalism; the rise of the novel (photocopy), women as
reading public;
Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”: plot, text analysis of the extract “The Laputians”.
Torino, 6 giugno 2013
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