Hamlet, Prince of Denmark William Shakespeare Adapted by Robert

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
William Shakespeare
Adapted by Robert Hill Tragedy
Book (112 p.) 978-88-530-1552-5, ED BLACK CAT CIDEB
The most famous play by the world’s most famous dramatist begins with
Hamlet’s return to Denmark after the sudden and unexpected death of his
father, the King. One night the ghost of the old King appears to Hamlet and tells
him that he was poisoned – by his brother! The ghost makes Hamlet promise to take revenge, but will
Hamlet be able to keep his promise?
Book (96 p.) + CD 978-88-530-0839-8 ED CIDEB BLACK CAT
William Shakespeare
Adapted by James Butler
Activities by Bruce Hodges Tragedy
Macbeth is a loyal and courageous servant of King Duncan. But, one day, after a
battle he meets three witches, who tell him that one day he will be King of Scotland. Soon his obsession to
become king and his wife’s coldblooded ambition lead to murder.
livello PET (FACILE)
Book (112 p.) + audio CD/CD-ROM 978-88-530-0686-8 ED. CIDEB BLACK CAT
Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare
Adapted by Derek Sellen Extra activities by Jennifer Gascoigne Dossiers by
Robert Hill Love
The Montagues and the Capulets hate each other and so when Romeo and
Juliet fall in love they are forced into secrecy and subterfuge. Will true love survive?