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Hangzhou Kelin Aier Qiyuan Equipment Co., Ltd

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Hangzhou Kelin Aier Qiyuan Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1997, as
prodessional China Air Dryers Manufacturers and Custom Air Dryers Suppliers, the
company dedicated in the promotion and design of compressed air purifying
equipments, The leading product is refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer,
Desiccant Air Dryers, water chiller , PSA nitrogen / oxygen generator and
membrane pipe.
KL company providing filtration, separation and purification solutions for your
compressed air purifying management needs.
2012 KL made first set of Zero purge heat of Refrigerated Air Dryers with capacity of
120m3/minTech support from Korea, Non air loss, dew-point: -50Deg.C,Testing
picture at KL factory.
Most of the mining work is done outdoors, and it is mobile work. Colin developed
this box-type dryer, which contains a dryer, oil-water separator and filter, integrated
into the factory, which is very convenient for the mining and mining operation
group to transport, move and install the production parts.
Combined air dryer
1. The lowest dew point can reach - 70 ℃.
2. The service life of the adsorbent can be
extended by more than 3 times compared
with the general adsorption dryer, which
greatly prolongs the service life of the
adsorbent and reduces the maintenance
3. Low regeneration gas consumption and energy saving. Because the moisture
brought into the adsorption system by compressed air is very low, the regeneration
gas is very dry, and the regeneration gas volume required for desorption can be
greatly reduced, and the regeneration gas consumption is only 3%.
4. The refrigeration unit, filter and adsorption unit are installed on the same
underframe, with compact structure and convenient installation and use.
5. Adopt advanced single chip microcomputer control technology to realize the
automation of operation control.
Blower purge desiccant air dryer
Normal inlet pressure:
7 bar(g),
Normal inlet temperature : 35°C
Pressure dew-point: -40 ℃
-70 ℃)
Purge loss :KXB: 2~3%
KXP: 0
Maximum operating pressure: 10bar
Minimum operating pressure: 4bar
Maximum inlet temperature: 50°C
Minimum inlet temperature: 10°C
Standard electrical supply: 380V/3Ph/50Hz
Anxi Industrial Zone, Liangzhu town, Yuhang Area, Hangzhou, China.
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