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Jinhao Machinery Products

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Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery CO.,LTD
Our Products
Our products are now covering all kinds of knitting machinery, such as computerized flat
knitting machine, computer glove machine, computer socks machine, seamless
underwear machine, etc. to meet the needs of various industries.
Flat Knitting Machine and Sweater Machine
GD-H122S/H142SA Computerized Flat Knitting Machine
Glove Knitting Machine and Glove Machine
Jinhao intelligent high speed glove knitting machine
Socks Machine Suppliers and Stockings Knitting Machine
GD-04MJ Fully Computerized Single Cylinder Stockings Knitting Machine
Double Cylinder Socks Knitting Machine
GD-633 Fully Computerized Double Cylinder Socks Knitting Machine
Underwear Knitting Machine
GD-NJ08 Full Computerized Seamless underwear Knitting Machine