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Shenyang Juli Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Shenyang Juli Engineering Co., Ltd.
JULI has the independent import and export rights with the capability of
designing and manufacturing of solid material handling system.
Depending on the rich experience and professional service, JULI has
The new screw feeder designed and manufactured by Juli Machinery has
a number of patented technologies. It is the first to adopt the infinite
variable pitch design and surpass international similar products. This
product is mainly used for material transportation in a closed environment
and is the preferred accessory product for environmental protection and
energy conservation. Variable frequency speed regulation can be used to
control the flow and realize quantitative dosing.
Water quality online monitor
The electrical team under Juli engineering has developed a new type of
water quality on-line detector, which uses the latest leading technology
titration method to replace the photometric method of traditional products.
By using this product, it can effectively solve the problem of industrial
water quality control in petrochemical, metallurgy, cement and other
industries, extend the service life of boilers, pipelines, cooling systems
and other equipment, and improve equipment safety.
Compared with the traditional ones, what are the advantages of the new
water quality online monitor?
Advantages of the new water quality online monitor product:
1. Use titration method to realize the intelligence of national standard
method for water quality detection
2. Use photometric method to judge the end point to avoid the influence
of solution impurities;
3. Plunger pump for titration measurement (Plunger pump for titration
measurement) greatly reduces the error range, thereby realizing scientific
dosing and reducing costs;
4. Fast response speed, no electrode loss problem
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