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Zhejiang Changyu New Materials

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Zhejiang Changyu New Materials Co. Ltd
High Barrier Metallized PET Film
High barrier metallized biaxially oriented polyester film.Base material is
transparent PET, after plasma treatment, aluminum metalized on corona treated side,
another side is plain surface.
• High arrier food package:biscuits, biscuits, potato chips, shrimp strips, etc.
• Pharmaceutical packaging
• Industrial barrier materials
Key features:
• Supeior glossy appearance and good film
• Excellent barrier of water vapor and gas, ideal replacement of aluminum foil
• Excellent bonding in extrusion and adhesive laminations
Metallized BOPP Film
Metallized biaxially oriented polypropylene film.Base material is BOPP with single
heat sealing layer, aluminum metallized on corona treated side, another side is plain
• Food packaging
• Flower packaging
Key features:
• Glossy appearance
• Easy tear performance, simplify the structure
•with heat sealing for bag making
•Printing, heat sealable, lamination grade
•Good adhesion,well proportioned, high brightness
•Good barrier and lamination function
•Unique base material with obvious price advantage
Single Side PVDC Coated PET Film
PVDC coated biaxially oriented polyester film.BOPET as the base film, PVDC coated
on corona treated side; Other side is plain surface.
• Food packaging: nuts, ham sausage
• Spicy strips, cakes, etc
• Daily usage: heating piece, etc
Key features:
• Gas (O2, N2, CO2) barrier properties
• Fragrance preserving performance
• Water vapor barrier property
• Excellent oil and grease resistance
• Printing property and transparent performace