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Weft Feeders

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Zhejiang Sanhe Intelligent Tech
Sanhe has cultivated a professional team with independent software and
hardware development and design capability, combined with engineering,
manufacturing, technological innovation and quality management.
1.Weft Feeders for Air-Water Jet looms
(1)SHJ-P Weft Feeder
Technical parameters and features
Max. feeding rate 2400 meters/min
Range of yarn counts 6nm-20dtex
Yarn separation adjustable from 0.7 to 2.2 mm
Yarn spool body diameters adjustable from 108 to 135 mm
Yarn twisting direction S or Z for option
(2)SHJ-A Weft Feeder
Weft feeding speed: up to 1800m/min
Range of yarn counts: from 20 denier to 3.5Ne
Yarn separation adjustable from 0.7 mm to 2.2 mm
The weft feeder can be set for rotation S or Z depending on the
yarn twist
Coils detection by means of photocell
Weft breakage detection by means of photocell to get the “loom
stop” or “automatic weft changing” function.
Power consumption in working state is about 10W per 100rpms
Dimensions: length 323mm,width 186mm,height 225mm
2.SHL-2/3/4W Loom Control System
SHL series control panel system is our development focus in recent years
for water jet loom . This digital integrated control system combine
with loom control, weft insertion and elo, etu system, coordinated loom
shaft, insertion, beating, let-off and take up
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