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WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE and Elizabethan theater (1)

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Elizabethan theater
Elizabethan theater
During the long reign of Elizabeth I of
England (1533-1603), the Elizabethan
theater experienced a period of great
splendor. The first real theater
buildings were born.
The first building specially built for
public performances was the Theater
(1576), located outside the historic
center of London. Among the
theatrical authors of the Elizabethan
theater, William Shakespeare is
considered the largest and best
known in the world.
William Shakespeare's or Elizabethan theater differs from that
of the classical era in many respects:
favorite subject of tragedies is no longer the myth, but the
history, the struggle for power, the political conflict;
the Elizabethan theater is the first not to respect the rule of
Aristotelian units. In fact, in the texts of this era, the events
narrated cover a long period of time and take place in various
Elizabethan theater often mixes tragic and comic elements,
for example by inserting "comedy" scenes in a tragic story
and vice versa;
the Elizabethan theater begins to unite plausible and
fantastic stories, flanking young lovers and good elves,
victorious generals and witches, princes and ghosts.
Life of Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
was born in
on April 23, 1564.
At eighteen he marries
Anne Hathaway, an
eight-year-old girl who will
have three children: a girl
and two twins
He made his first studies at the local
grammar school, the educational
institution introduced by the reform
of Elizabeth I, where he learned Latin,
the basics of Greek and mathematics.
In 1592 a plague epidemic
that broke out in London
forced the authorities to
close theaters for almost
two years.
in 1592 William
Shakespeare moved to
London and started
writing Romeo and Juliet
In 1613 William
Shakespeare purchased a
real estate property in
In 1594 theaters
reopened and
William Shakespeare
joined the theater
company The
Chamberlain's Men
On April 23, 1616,
fifty-two years old,
William Shakespeare
died. He was buried
in the church of his
William Shakespeare works
Shakespeare is a writer who has fallen into his time but who prescinds him. His
tragedies are truly eternal in the sense that they raise questions that concern man
since the dawn of time and will always concern him. Take Macbeth: it's the story of a
king and queen, how they got their hands on the crown and what they find they can
do to achieve their goals. But it is above all the story of two greedy people, willing to
do anything to achieve success
new to shakespeare
Although also an excellent poet (he wrote a
collection of 154 sonnets), Shakespeare is
above all one of the greatest geniuses of
world dramaturgy. Profound connoisseur of
the human soul, he treated it with
extraordinary ability wide range of feelings.
Shakespeare's art is above all effective
in rendering the uncertainties of
character and the ambiguities of
behavior of its protagonists, of which he
masterfully highlights vices,
contradictions and weaknesses.
His characters constitute an authentic and
complete sample of humanity: ruthless
tyrants, cheerful pranksters, young lovers, but
always far from the stereotypes models of the
ancient code
Thanks to a singular ability of
representation, Shakespeare is able to
pass with extraordinary ease from the
comic to the tragic, from farce to more
intense drama. The settings of his works
are drawn as much from ancient history
as from modern history, from the
cheerful fairy tale or from the darkest