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TASK 1. Brainstorm the word “energy”.
TASK 2. Click on the following link, watch the video and answer the questions.
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TASK 3. Read the text and complete the table below.
The energy we use to power everything from our homes to schools and workplaces comes from a
variety of different sources. These can be divided into two groups: non-renewable and renewable
energy sources.
Non-renewable energy sources are resources with a finite supply; they are limited, they will run out
and they have a negative impact on the environment. Most sources of non-renewable energy
are fossil fuels (obtained from dead plant and animal deposits created over the long history of the
planet), such as coal, gas and oil.
Renewable energy sources are natural resources that can be replenished. They are abundant,
environmentally friendly and they won’t run out. They include wind, wave, tidal, solar, and
geothermal. Some forms of fuels created from biomass (plants and animals) also fall under this
Deposits of certain radioactive elements in Earth’s crust can be classified as 8nuclear energy
resources. These resources are used as fuel for nuclear fission in power plants. The amount of these
radioactive elements is limited on our planet and cannot be replenished. Over the years, there has
been some research on fusion power but it is still not proven to be a feasible energy resource.
Types of energy sources
are natural resources that can be
are resources with a finite supply.
in the nature there are an abundant
and they are friendly
they are limited and have a negative
impact with the nature
type of renovable sources are
wind, wave, tidal and solar
type of this are fossil fuels such as coal
gas and oil