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Difference Between Harvard And MLA Referencing Styles

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The assignment is the demon that haunts every final year student but
this problem could be resolved with assignment help service provided
by BookMyEssay. Students who are writing for the first time often get
confused between Harvard and MLA referencing styles. It is important
to follow the suggested reference style while writing the academic
As you can already figure out from the name this referencing style was
invented by Harvard University to help students. This referencing style
is supplementary in nature with an aim to help students to include
quotes, findings and ideas into their academic content. It is one of the
most popular referencing style followed by the various universities
around the world.
Unlike Harvard, MLA referencing style was developed by the Modern
Language Association widely adopted in academic writing. MLA is also
parenthetical in nature. You can also use this at the end of your
content in the bibliography section.
Both Harvard and MLA referencing style is used by different students
who are pursuing different courses. If your course revolves around
humanities, social and natural science then you may have to write
using Harvard referencing style. On the other hand, if your courses
revolve literature and language then, your assignment could be
referenced in the MLA
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