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How to get a FIRST in a LAW DEGREE ESSAY!
alright guys for today's video I thought I'd speak about something which I wish I'd known at
the start of my law degree because it would have made my life ten times easier and that
thing is how to get a first in a law degree essay (you can get a law degree essay from ​law
homework website​) which they kind of covered in my university but it was kind of
wishy-washy so most of why I learned is just by trial and error so from my experience in my
law degree there are three things that you need to get a first in a lore essay and I'm gonna
cover those things to you now the first thing you need to get a first in a lottery essay is to
have a strong clear argument throughout the whole of your essay which basically means that
you're not like saying each side and I doing half of it on one side half on the other side then
say in your opinion only in the conclusion what you need to do is from right from the
beginning say your argument and throughout the whole essay just use it as like you're trying
to persuade the reader that you're correct and the other side is wrong so basically what I'll do
in my essays is I'll include my argument in the first line and then I'll for like two thirds of the
essay maybe I'll say lots of different points for why my argument is correct and then for about
the last third of the essay I will include some of the counter arguments and then I'll try to
defeat those counter arguments so I'll be saying why the opposition are wrong and
throughout the essay I'll keep stating my argument again just to make it really clear and state
it again in the conclusion so I've got some examples of what exactly I mean by a strong clear
argument so one of them in my youth crime module there was a question which said to what
extent are girls out of place in the youth justice system so I simply argued yes they are very
out of place and that was just all my strong argument was another one is from my
rehabilitation of offenders module and that question was should offenders have a right to
rehabilitation so I simply just argued yes they should definitely have a right to rehabilitation
and the final example is from my drug law module and there was one question which said
are the causes and solutions for problems rug usage socio-economic or psychological so I
simply said yes they're primarily socio-economic can thing you need to do to get a first in the
larger ESA is to use lots of sources which is something that I didn't do in second year and it
stopped me from getting the first but then I did do it in third year and I've been able to get
firsts so basically I just try to put in a reference for every single sentence and that can lead
me to get about 100 sources if it's an essay of about 2,000 words so literally just try and put
in as many sources as possible a lot of my tutors have said that there's no magic number for
the number of sources that you use but I think the more the better so just put in as many as
possible some tutors will be happy with you just putting in the source in your references and
show that you're aware of it and you've used that point correctly but others might want you to
engage with the source more which kind of means using a few sentences to say what their
points are and why you agree with their points or if it's a piece of research they've done
maybe why that research is reliable or why the person is valid so what you need to do with
sources will depend on the tutor so maybe just go to your tutor and ask how they want you to
use the sources whether it's just putting in as many as possible or engaging in them in more
detail but definitely just try and use as many source as possible anyway the third and final
thing which I think you need to get a first in a law degree essay is not to make any major
mistakes and I've got an example here of an essay that I wrote which got me a 2:1 and even
though I did the strong argument thing and I used a lot of sources used about 80 sources
than this one I made this major mistake and it stopped me from getting her first so this essay
was called to what extent are the pains of imprisonment still relevant in modern society and
the pains of imprisonment I basically just these reasons why prisoners are very nice and the
mistake that I made was the paint and imprisonment are not synonymous with problems with
imprisonment but features of the act of incarceration which cannot be avoided yeah I don't
really know what that means but yeah I made a mistake and that stopped me from getting
the first okay so those are the three things I think you need to do to get a first in your Lord
ese so I thought I'd just include some more tips at the end of things that I've learned by trial
and error which can help your essay but may not be make-or-break for getting a first on that
the first of these is that when it comes to introductions and conclusions what you need to
include will depend on your tutor like some of them like you to include something new into
conclusion or as some of them just like you to repeat what you've already said so if you
really want to you can go to your tutor and ask them exactly what they want in your essay
the second thing is that I don't think your style of writing really matters like you don't need to
make it sound really eloquent or get a dictionary and use lots of really long words I think it's
clarity that matters a lot more and having a strong argument throughout rather than making it
sound like you're a judge who's given their decision in a court case and the final thing is don't
feel too disheartened if you don't get a thirst because personally I do think it is quite
subjective about whether you get thirst or not like maybe the marker had a bad day or
maybe you just didn't include something that they wanted you to include but you had no idea
was even a thing that you needed to include I think the subjectivity of marking is clearly
shown by markers wanting different things like some want you to include new points new
inclusion whereas others want you to just repeat what I've already said Oh some want you to
just include as many sources as possible whereas others want you to engage with those
sources in more detail ultimately I think the grave you get is just whether or not you met the
markers own criteria in that short piece of work on the day that they marked it it might not
necessarily reflect how hard you actually worked on some work or how intelligent you are so
don't take your grades too personally alright guys that is the end of my video about how to
get a first in a law degree essay and I hope you all learned something from this especially
not to be too disheartened if you don't get the grades that you want please like this video and
comment down below if you've got any more questions about law degrees or about anything
else thanks for watching and I'll see you again soon