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Haiyan LONG BO DC Motor Co., Ltd

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China DC Motors Manufacturers,Electric Motors Suppliers,Factory
Haiyan LONG BO DC Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional China DC Motors
Manufacturers and Electric Motors Suppliers.Our Company is a high-tech
enterprise specialized in producing most kinds of DC motors and Electric
Motors, Permanent Magnet Motors Suppliers. Its locates at industrial
zone of Haiyan city, which is about 100 KM away from Shanghai &
Hangzhou. The company occupies 10 acres, with the main plant of 5,000
squares meters and four production lines. Long Bo company providing
research and development, production and sales at the same time,
offers a variety of DC gear motors and related motor accessories at home
and abroad. Motors can be customized according to customer's needs.
We currently produce 100,000PCS motors per year and offer more than
100 models to customers in USA and most of European countries.
Contact Us
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 86-573-86058580
Fax: 86-573-86056812
Add: Yandong Village Wuyuan Street, Haiyan, Zhejiang, China