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Yuyao Solo Beauty Cosmetic Packging Co.,Ltd

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Yuyao Solo Beauty Cosmetic Packging Co.,Ltd
uyao Solo Beauty Cosmetic Packging Co.,Ltd, is developed from Huangjiabu Forge
Beauty Plastic factory, was found in 2008, is professional Cosmetic pen packaging in
designing. Processing, producing cosmetic packages, the main products are focus on
Mechanical pencils, liquid eyeliner, lipsticks, sharpernable pencils,aluminum products
and so on. Following several years, our products were used in home and abroad, were
satisfied by all the customers.Looking into the future, we want to be joining with our
clients in finding new materials, reasonable designs, human improvements and other
parts. Spare us a Chance, you will gain a success.
Yuyao Solo Beauty Cosmetic Packging Co.,Ltd
Add:Industry Area,B District,Huangjiabu Town,Yuyao City,Zhejiang, China
Phone: 0086 139 8932 4264
Tel: 0086 574 58221087
Fax: 0086 574 58221086
mail: [email protected]
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