etna summit craters

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L’escursione prevede: pick-up/drop off dalla vostra struttura, guide ambientali
escursioniste, visita grotta vulcanica con Kit grotta, visita dei crateri Silvestri,
degustazione prodotti tipici in azienda Agricola, rientro in Hotel. L’escursione
prevede uno dei seguenti servizi a scelta da prenotare con Un’Altra Sicilia insieme a questa escursione:
a) Escursione Etna fino a 2500 mt con funivia;
b) Escursione Etna fino a 3000 mt con funivia + jeep + guida alpina;
a) Etna excursion up to 2500 mt by cable car; (cable car tickets tickets will be
confirm at the moment of excursion booked )
b) Etna excursion up to 3000 mt by cable car + jeep + mountain guide; (tickets will be confirm at the moment of excursion booked)
Program Description of this excursion to Mount Etna:
The summit craters of Etna are in total four: The Chasm, the North East,
South East and Central Asia. The highest of these is the crater of the North
East while the South East is the most active in recent decades. The landscape,
due to the altitude, it is almost devoid of vegetation and “lunar” but the panorama is exciting thanks to its proximity to the sea (14 km as the crow flies).
Strengths: Vision of the craters at an altitude of 3000 m., Recent and ancient
lava flows, craters of 2002-2003, high altitude vegetation, volcanic cave
The excursion includes: pick up, environmental hikers guides, visit of a lava
cave, visit of a Silvestri Crater, free tasting of typical products in a Farm,
drop off. Once at Sapienza refuge ( 2000 mt ) the tour includes one of the
following options:
a) up to 2500 mt Etna tour with cable car
b) up to 3000 mt Etna tour with cable car + jeep + guide;
Attachments: Depending on the season: backpack, wear comfortable walking
shoes-style layered “onion”, windbreaker or waterproof jacket, fleece, hat,
sunscreen, spare jersey, enough water, energy and food easier to digest.
The helmets and lamps for progression will be provided by the cave entrance.
Additional Information:Suitable for children aged up to 13 years
Pre-requisites:We do not recommend to those who do not enjoy good health
and in particular to the cardio-respiratory system to take part in excursions.
Any changes to the route:
In unfavorable weather conditions or organizational guidance can choose to
make some changes in the itinerary.
Level of difficulty: Medium
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